For more than 20 years, the North Palm Beach SLSC has assisted in the making of Channel 7's international hit series "Home and Away", now shown in more than 80 countries.

Immediately identified by viewers as the Summer Bay Surf Club House, North Palm Beach SLSC also provides support to the film crews and production team by providing assistance on shooting days, extras, equipment and general background assistance and advice on water safety and surf life saving expertise.

Many of the actors have become friends of the club over the years including past and present stars, Bec Hewitt (nee Cartwright), Tim Campbell (Singing Bee and Dancing with the Stars), Mark Furze, Les Hill (Underbelly), Dieter Brummer, Ada Nicodemu (Dancing with the Stars, The Matrix), Lynne McGranger, Ray Meagher (Breaker Morant, Newsfront, A Country Practice) and of course, Kate Ritchie.