Club Patrons

The Tilley Family’s association with North Palm Beach SLSC began during the 1989/90 season when son, Mark joined the Club.

The family are involved in many aspects of the Club.  However, it is through the family owned and run business, Dee Why Automotive, that they are most involved.  The Tilley’s have supported the Club for many years by providing maintenance and repairs to all Club motor vehicles – both on road and beach.

Jeff Conen is a builder/developer.  Jeff’s association with the Club began in 2004 when he volunteered to build the first stage renovations to North Palm Beach SLSC.  Having achieved this mission Jeff has now set his sights on completing the final stage.

Mike is a local journalist/broadcaster/author.  He has over a number of years supported the Club by promoting it via his radio show and newspaper column.

North Palm Beach SLSC is indeed fortunate to have the assistance of the above mentioned people and we thank them for their contribution to North Palm Beach SLSC.